More reading convenience, fewer mistakes – with the unique Dyslexie font

The font improves readability
The font is specially designed with the purpose to improve the readability for people with dyslexia. Challenges of dyslexia are taken into consideration as guidelines during the design process. The result?

The Dyslexie font...

- makes reading easier and faster
- prevents making reading mistakes
- is easy to download (.ttf file)
- can be used just as any other font

Letters are everywhere
We read – consciously and subconsciously – the entire day. The font can be used on many devices, in several programs (such as Microsoft Office) and for various products and services. 

License for home users
Home users can download the font and use it on the computer, tablet, smartphone (Except iPhone and iPad ), e-books and more. 

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License for schools and businesses
Schools and businesses can buy a license to download the font onto their server and make it available for all their employees, teachers or students. 

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License for publishers and producers
Organisations, producers and publishers can buy a license to reach a bigger audience with their products (software, apps, etc), services and books.
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