Dyslexie font

Dyslexie font is a .TTF file and are easily installed into your computers font folder (making Dyslexie font usable in Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, Adobe and other locally installed programs). Everyone should have access to texts they can read!



We are here to help make reading and working easier! Being able to use Dyslexie font at home means being able to do homework, write and read emails, write and edit texts all in a font especially designed to make working easier for dyslexics. Once you complete your order and payment is received the font files (which are called .TTF files and get installed into the font folder) are waiting for you. They’re easy to install!

Enjoy working, writing and reading with more ease!



Why not make your school a friendlier place for students with dyslexia?

Dyslexic students can benefit immensely by having a font that makes reading and writing on computers more accessible. It's hard enough having dyslexia in school environments so every bit of help can make a difference. Dyslexie font can be easily installed onto a schools local network to make it usable for everyone connected through that network.

We calculate the price of your license by the total number of students, not just the number of dyslexic students. Have a look at what your price would be on our Pricing page.



Empower your employees with dyslexia by accommodating their needs!

Businesses are becoming more aware of neurodiverse needs and one way to accomodate those needs is to offer Dyslexie font on your business computers. Dyslexie font can be installed on your local network, this way all computers connected through the network will be able to access and use the font in Microsoft word, Adobe Creative Cloud, Outlook and more.

Pricing is calculated by the total number of employees, have a look at what your price works out to be on our Pricing page.



We would be very happy to help make your book more accessible to those with dyslexia!

The font can be used in Adobe programs and other layout software however if you use book generating software via online providers it is not always possible. Feel free to ask us a question using the request form and we will be happy to find a suitable license arrangement for you!


Are you wishing to create an easy to read website? Help make the internet a more accessible space for people with dyslexia (which is many many people!). You can employ the Dyslexie font in your website a couple of ways! We have a plugin that can be applied to websites made in wordpress which allows you to give your users the option of switching the website font over to Dyslexie font for a more accessible reading experience. The font can also be supplied to you as font files to be embedded into code. Contact us if you have any questions regarding the best options for you!!  


Are you interested in using Dyslexie font feel you don't fit into any of our user categories? Please go to the pricing page or to Order, to fill out a quotation request form. The more information you will provide us the better so that we can provide the best option for you!