The lifetime font license will come in the following 4 font files: regular, bold, italic, and bold & italic.

The font files are ideal for Apple and Windows computers. You don't have to adjust your current workflow. Keep using the same programs and application but with the unique Dyslexie font.

For schools and businesses as well a fantastic way to deploy the font on a large scale by using the network installation.



The TTF files will be installed in the font folder on your computer. All programs locally installed will be able to collaborate with the font files. The very easy installation method will allow you to start using the font in a split second. 
In for example Word and PowerPoint, you will be able to select the Dyslexie font and start typing directly.

If you have an existing Word Document, you can easily select all text, and then select the Dyslexie font as the font to be used. You will now be able to read, work, and print in the Dyslexie font.

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Why not make your school or business a friendlier place for students or employees with dyslexia?

Dyslexie font can be easily installed onto a school's or business local network to make it usable for everyone connected through that network. The instructions will be provided to you and will allow you to roll-out the font overnight. The next day your school or business is dyslexia friendly.

With this approach, your employees don't have to ask for a Dyslexia software solution. There can be still a negative stigma around dyslexia, and not all of your employees are happy to share with you they struggle with Dyslexia. A great way to empower all of your employees without any hassle.

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Would you like to read your e-books in the Dyslexie font? The Downloadable Dyslexie font files are next to installation on your computer a great way to install on your e-reader. On most e-readers, you can add custom fonts manually.

The main brands like Kindle, Kobo, Barnes & Noble Nook, and Onyx Boox have all options to install a custom font. To be 100% sure, the best way is to check if your specific e-reader allows you to install a custom font.



It is impossible to install a TTF file on a Chromebook. All programs run on a Chromebook are cloud-based. Think of Google Docs. 

The best alternative is using the Dyslexia Office. The Dyslexia Office includes a full office suite and the Chrome extension.


There is currently not a workable solution to get the font files installed on your mobile device or tablet. As each app has its own font embedded, the app will not check if there is an alternative font available on the used device.

To get a full understanding of what the challenge is here, please check the following article: Dyslexie font on iPhone or iPad

The best alternative is using Dyslexia Office, which is a full office suite, that can be accessed by any device.

Google Docs & Cloud software

Are you already using cloud-based platforms like Apple iCloud or Google Docs? Unfortunately, Dyslexie font can't always be integrated into cloud-based programs. As Google has not an option to add a custom font, the Dyslexie font cannot be used in Google Docs.

The Chrome extension is not suitable for Google Docs either. The only option is the Dyslexia Office, which will be a replaceable software for Google Docs.

Font files vs Dyslexia Office

If you still have some questions, we are happy to share with you the video that shows a comparison based on the Dyslexie font TTF files you will be able to download and install on your computer, and the Dyslexia Office what is our full cloud-based Office Suite.