Download sample texts

To test Dyslexie font is of course really no problem. That's how Dyslexie font has grown world wide. To test the Dyslexie font you can download here several pages in the Dyslexie font. See the level that you need for yourself or for the person with dyslexia. All text are in pdf form so you can send or print them easily.


Sample text to try out the font Dyslexie for yourself, you can choose any of the four texts below. There are several reading levels to choose from. Text #1 has the lowest level of difficulty and can be used for and by children. The subsequent texts gradually increase the difficulty level, with number 4 being the highest.

Sample text

Sample 1

Download pdf for ages between 5-7 years

Sample 2

Download pdf for ages between 8-15 years

Sample 3

Download pdf for ages between 16-18 years

Sample 4

Download pdf for adults