Research & results

Proven effect of Dyslexie font

Convinced of the positive effects of Dyslexie font for a while now, we received research results on its effectiveness.

Several pieces of research among people with dyslexia have shown that both children, as well as grown-ups, can read faster and make fewer mistakes using the Dyslexie font. Additionally, people who work with dyslectics, such as teachers, parents and remedial tutors are asked about their opinion and observations concerning the effectiveness of the font. The results are very positive!

72,2% of the tested persons are able to read faster with Dyslexie font
73,2% of the participants make fewer mistakes with the font
About 84,3% of the dyslectics would recommend using Dyslexie font to others

The research

Over the years, several studies have been conducted by various universities confirming an overwhelmingly positive effect. Read More about effectiveness for Dyslexie Font in the Studies below.

2010 University of Twente (ENG) Learn More

2012 Survey among primary schools (ENG) Learn More

2013 University of Amsterdam (NL) Learn More

2013 University  of Twente (ENG) Learn More

2015 University of Lille (ENG) Learn More


More research, more insights, more progress

By embracing the insights provided daily by our users, along with credible studies, we are able to make the letter jungle clearer, more appealing and fun for people with dyslexia. We know and trust that great research by dedicated professionals offers us a better future, a future in which enjoying reading will also be an option for people with dyslexia.


Here's some good news!

Academic research and feedback that individuals with sight problems, previous brain injuries, and other learning disabilities are finding our font not only useful but exceptionally successful. If you would like more information on how Dyslexie Font might help you, we'd love to hear from you. Just contact us here.

Conducting a study?

Conducting Your Own Study?

If you are planning a study yourself, we are always ready and willing to cooperate with you. Get in touch with us to discuss your plans here.