Registration deposit

For all publishing options, Dyslexie font will charge a registration deposit of € 9.95 Euro or $ 9.95 USD. With each first order for a publication license, the deposit will be settled with the payable license fee.


The publishing options with Dyslexie font are endless. To most common can be found on this page. If you use the pricing calculator on the RIGHT, you will be able to get an indication of what your publication with Dyslexie font would cost you.


Make your book accessible with the Dyslexia Font. The font license for a book and e-book is calculated based on the total page size and the total print run per book title. The license fee is a one-time fee for your amount of prints, and in the case of an e-book, sales. When your (e)book becomes an even greater success, you can always purchase an additional license at a later stage. 

We deliver you the TTF font files, which allow you to work in Adobe InDesign or in Word. If you use an online book creation software, please ask them if the software allows you to add a custom font.

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Education Material

The license for Education Material is calculated based on the total page size and the total count of distributed or sold PDFs, or other types of documents.

Mostly used for one-time Handouts, Teacher Pay Teacher education material, and user guides. If you want to start with one project, no worries, you can always add additional PDFs to your publications.

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Posters & Leaflets

Communicate to a larger audience with the Dyslexie Font. You can use it in your leaflets or posters. Your message will be read perfectly. The license is based on the number of posters or leaflets you wish to distribute. 


Make your magazine or newspaper accessible for all of your readers with the Dyslexie font. Whether you have a hardcopy version or digital access for your readers, both can be realized. 

As there is quite some difference in the reach of a newspaper or magazine, and the frequency of how often you wish to publish in the Dyslexie font, we calculate the pricing based on two variables. 
1. How many readers/print runs do your newspaper or magazine have?
2. How often is your newspaper or magazine published, in combination with the Dyslexie font?

Become the most accessible Newspaper or Magazine in your branch. We are happy to help you with layout instructions and other tips & tricks.

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Make your game even more fun to play. Use the Dyslexie font in your card game or board game. 
To define the pricing for your idea is fully based on the estimated amount of sales you will reach with your game. The more you sell the larger your license needs to be. If you have no idea, you can always start with the lowest amount of games that starts at 1,000 pieces. 

If your game becomes an even bigger success than you had predicted, no worries, you can always increase your license to add more pieces.


Now wouldn't it be nice to not only provide your book, game poster, or other publication in the Dyslexie font, but include your website with the Dyslexie font. 

If you want to reach your audience with an accessible product, wouldn't it be logical to show them on your website already what the font can do for them?

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We have two options available for you. 
1. WordPress plug-in, which can be very easy to install. There are additional features available next to the Dyslexie font activation.
2. For any other CMS package for your website we can provide you with the WOFF format, which is the most commonly used font format for online. Ask your developer if he or she knows how to deal with the WOFF. 

In both options, you can decide whether you wish to provide the font as an additional option or if you wish to set the Dyslexie font by default on your websit.

Based on the frequency of how many visitors you get on a monthly basis, you have two pricing options:
1. Below the 30,000 visitors per month you pay an additional € 19.95 on yearly basis.
2. Do you have more than 30,000 visitors on a monthly basis, you pay yearly € 49.95

This option is only valid as an extension on what you wish to sell/publish. 
If you wish to include the font in your newspaper, magazine, online game, education platform, APP for a mobile device etc. we ask you to kindly follow the correct license.