Make your website more accessible for those with Dyslexia and Autism. Many readers are currently benefitting from the Dyslexie font on their computer. But with integrating Dyslexie font on your website, you will be able to provide a group of 15-20% with a better reading solution. 

Make sure you decide how you will use the font on your website. You can set the Dyslexie font by default, or you provide an option for your visitors to activate the font.

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Website accessibility with a Dyslexia friendly font


Dyslexie font on your WordPress as a  plug-and-play solution. You don't need any coding skills. You can easily add the WordPress plug-in to your WordPress website with a few simple clicks. All functions available in the plug-in are:

1. Dyslexie font (on / off)
2. Font size selection
3. Font color selection
4. Link color selection

We have a free version and a paid option. Start today and make your website as accessible as you can.

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Dyslexia-friendly WordPress Plug-in


If your website is not created with WordPress, we can help you out with the Webfont provided to you in a WOFF format. You need some basic development skills to get it working, but it is not rocket science. The WOFF format is the most common way to adjust the font for your website. Ask your developer if he or she knows how to get the font active on your website. 

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Webfont for dyslexics


Here at Dyslexie font we always try to find a healthy relationship between the added value Dyslexie Font can offer for your website in combination with the reward for the font. The goal, we can continue doing what we do, and you can have a profitable business and helping the dyslexic community.

Yearly subscription price table based on the total page views on a monthly basis.

The pricing shown below is based on $ USD.

Monthly pageviews

Yearly fee



$ 39.95



$ 119.95



$ 359.95



$ 1,079.95



$ 3,249.95



$ 9,799.95



To get an idea of what the Dyslexie font can do for your website we give you some examples below.

WordPress Plug-in: