Dyslexie font underlines the importance of Charities and the work they do for society. By taking this standpoint, we are happy to help your Charity get access to the Dyslexie font Webfont for your website and or for internal use. 

Depending on the market your Charity is operating we can offer the following:

1. The font free of charge.
2. The font is provided with a big discount.
3. The font is provided for free in exchange for a little story on your website with a backlink.

As the Dyslexie font is designed by a dyslexic for dyslexics, we are happy to support all Dyslexia-Association. Autism-Associations will get the same treatment. With the Webfont and the TTF, we can help your community to get your website communication and handouts be delivered as accessible as possible.

In all other cases, we kindly ask a charity to bring something to the table. We help you, you help us is the approach. Think of:  getting a big discount on the purchase price, or by creating a story on your website so more people are getting notice where they can get access to the Dyslexie font.

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Dyslexia Font use for Charity


Most of the requests for Charities are related to a Church. Some of the questions we receive are:

1. We would like to make the worship slides more accessible
2. We would like to make our newsletters and other publications more accessible.
3. We would like to use the font for internal use and include the website and documents on the website with the font.
4. We would like to publish the Bible in the font.

We can help in all ways, although in option 4 we kindly refer you to a Publishing license. For options 1, 2, and 3 we can help you with a very reduced pricing model. All options can be used if you have a Church license. We will charge a yearly license fee based on the total number of Church members so we can help the smaller communities with a small budget and as well the bigger communities with a bigger budget. 

Please find the license pricing below:
Members     -   Yearly fee in $ USD
2,500        -    $ 19.95
7,500       -    $ 54.95
22,500     -   $ 159.95
+ 22,500  -  Quotation

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Dyslexia Font using within a Church


Make your library dyslexia-friendly and deploy the dyslexia font library-wide. All your members, visitors, and the employees of your library are able to work with the font on all library-owned computers. 

We will determine the yearly license fee based on the total number of computers available for your member and visitors:

Computers       -  Yearly fee in USD
< 25 computers  = $ 59.95 
< 75 computers  = $ 119.95 
< 250 computers = $ 249.95 
> 250 computers = quotation

Dyslexia-friendly font for Library use


The Dyslexie font is used by several Museums already. In many situations, it is for internal purposes so employees can read and work with the font. But there are some who see the benefit for the public that visits the Museum and adding the font to the explanation cards. 

In both cases, we can definitely help your Museum become more dyslexia-friendly. Feel free to reach out to us about what we can do for you. We underline the importance of a readable font for the public, and with that taken in mind, we are sure we will meet at a reasonable reward for the font for your work.

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Dyslexia Friendly font to use in your Museum


Dyslexia comes in different forms, where some dyslexics have a light form, there are some dyslexics who are really challenged by their dyslexia. Quite often we see that dyslexics get additional help at school and in some cases help from a therapist. 

If you as a therapist see the benefits of a readable font for yourself or for your patients, we can help you with the font files what allows you to work with the font on your computer and gives you the option to create handouts or reading papers with the font. 

The license fee will be calculated based on the total number of therapists of your institution:

Number of therapists   -   Yearly fee in USD
1-5 therapists           -   $ 39.95
6-10 therapists         -   $ 59.95
11-25 therapists        -   $ 99.95
26-50 therapists        -   $ 149.95

Dyslexia solutions for Therapist


If you are homeschooling children you might want to help them with the readable dyslexie font. To keep it as simple a possible, we would like you to point to the Home User license. You can choose the child will take care of his own license, or you can purchase a license for all of your homeschool children and benefit from the price reduction that comes with multiple licenses.

If you teach 4 or more children, we advise you to get the Education license, as from that point this license will be cheaper for you. 

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Homeschooling children with Dyslexia


There are endless options to think of how to include a font. In the past years, we have had many different requests what could be an inspiration for your work. Some to get children to familiarize with reading in a playful way, and many other reasons. Below we will give a summary of the examples what has surprised us in a positive way.

-Magnets for a climbing wall 
-Font used on street signs
-Beer bottle labels
-Love letters 
-School newspaper
-Letter playground
-Poetry poems on the side of a building
-Iron signage at art project with instruments
-All letters of the alphabet on a pillow

Inspirations dyslexia-friendly font