Publisher book icon 107x50_Tekengebied 1.svg Publisher

Make your publication as accessible for dyslexics as possible. With the Dyslexie font, you can make a difference so your book, newspaper, card game, poster, leaflet, or PDF handout will be read with more joy and ease. With the downloadable font files (TTF) you will be able to create your publication in the Microsoft Office or Adobe products. We offer you a license based on the total sales or print run for your publication. Need more information, please read more.

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Publish book accessible for dyslexics

Publisher book icon 107x50_Tekengebied 1.svg DEVELOPER

With Dyslexie font you can make your software, APP, or platform more accessible. We can provide you with the Dyslexie font WOFF files, what is the most common way to install a font online. The opportunities are endless. Want to know more about your specific situation what we can do for you, please press Read More...

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Accessibility for developers

Publisher book icon 107x50_Tekengebied 1.svg WEBSITE ACCESSIBILITY

Did you know that 15%-20% of the population has some form of Dyslexia? Now with the Dyslexie font, you can make your website more accessible for all. You can set Dyslexie font by default or you create a button that allows your visitors to adjust your website to the Dyslexie font. With the WOFF files, provided by us, you can easily integrate Dyslexie font for all your visitors. Using WordPress as your CMS, you can use the Dyslexie font WordPress plug-in, available for free. Read More to see what we can do for you.

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Website accessibility

Publisher book icon 107x50_Tekengebied 1.svg Others

We are now in business since 2008 and we have seen such a variety where an accessible font can be used. The most common alternatives are Charity, Dyslexia Associations, Autism Associations, Churches, Museums, Libraries, or as a Therapist. But there are many other ways to include a font in your business unable to cover them all.

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Accessible idea's for others