Pricing Home User(s)


With the home user lifetime license for the Dyslexie font files (TTF), you are able to start using Dyslexie font on all your computer(s) for as long as you want. Buy the font for yourself only or all your family members.

Your benefit

- One-time payment - lifetime pleasure
- Simple installation & adaptation
- Including free downloadable updates
- More users = discount per user

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 Pricing Home User(s)

Dyslexia Office

Start working today with the Office Suite, and receive a 14-day free trial. Get familiar with Text, Spreadsheet, and Presenter. Dyslexia Office has included the Dyslexie font regular, kids, the E-Pub reader, and the Chrome browser extension. All for the starting price of 1,5 cup of coffee for a full month.

Why Dyslexia Office?

- 14-day free trial
- Scale up your cloud storage up to 5 TB per user
- New features and updates are automatically available
- Cancel your subscription at any given moment
- Say bye to your Microsoft Office subscription

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