Use Dyslexie font your way

Dyslexie font is a font specially designed for people with dyslexia

Dyslexie font is a unique font that enhances reading ability. Bring back the joy in learning and working, offer yourself, students, colleagues or your neighbors equal chances. No advantage, nor a disadvantage – simply an equal start.

In this digital age that we are living in, you need to work your way through an enormous letter jungle on a daily basis. Luckily nowadays technology offers numerous possibilities to support you on this jungle road. Aside from the primary solution – the Dyslexie font -  we offer many innovate tools that will enable you to apply the font broadly into your daily life. With Dyslexie font you can enter the jungle of letters feeling confident. 

The Dyslexie font:

  1. Makes letters easier to distinguish
  2. Offers more ease, regularity and joy in reading
  3. Enables you to read with less effort
  4. Gives your self-esteem a boost
  5. Can be used anywhere, anytime and on (almost) every device
  6. Doesn’t require additional software or programs
  7. Offers the simplest and most effective reading support

Would you like to know more about the possibilities and advantages the font has to offer you, your family, organization, school or for you as a publisher? Check out the benefits below.

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Read with more ease

Reach your full potential and read, learn and work with more ease. With Dyslexie font we will clear the way through the digital letter landscape.

Letters are everywhere. For many people, a big part of their day involves reading. At home, at work or while being on the road. We find it important to make the Dyslexie font available to everybody who can benefit from it.

As of 2014 people can use the trial version at home free of charge – a  huge milestone for us! Now that the free trial version is available, we obviously are trying to spread the word and bring it to people with dyslexia. This way we hope to help as many people with dyslexia as possible and to increase the awareness concerning dyslexia worldwide.

Would you like to help?

When you have tried our font and you like it, please also like and share it on Facebook or other social media platform and help us spread the word (or actually, the font). This way we can reach an increasing number of people and raise ever more dyslexia awareness.

The Dyslexia font can easily be downloaded and installed on your computer. After installation you can use it just like any other font. Dyslexie font can also be used on most smartphones (unfortunately not on iPhones), tablets, e-books and more.

After designing the Dyslexie font, we’ve kept on going with the development of several tools that will enable you to read with ease, anytime and anywhere. Read about it on our product page. Bring back the joy in reading, download the Dyslexie font.

Offer students equal chances

You would like for your students to make the most out of their studies and to enjoy learning. Students who cope with dyslexia are facing many challenges on a daily basis. Dyslexie font helps students to reach their full potential.

Throughout a regular day, students are struggling their way through loads of learning materials. For someone who is coping with dyslexia this isn’t easy; it’s rather hard and demotivating. The Digital Age in which we are living isn’t making the number of information – thus letters and words – any smaller. The challenge, however, for someone with dyslexia is getting bigger and bigger.

We offer schools several innovative solutions to clear the way through the enormous and, at times, threatening on- and offline letter jungle, making education for students with dyslexia much more accessible and fun.  

Print exams in the Dyslexie font, convert documents and simplify writing papers. Let students enjoy doing research online with our handy Chrome Extension, which enables them to change the web pages as needed, increasing the readability.

Bring back the joy in reading and make studying a healthy challenge, download the Dyslexie font.

Increase the productivity and work spirit

You would like your team to achieve the highest result, help employees to reach their full potential and make them feel good. Unfortunately, dyslexia poses – also unconsciously - some serious challenges for many employees on a daily basis. Dyslexie font helps you and your employees to make the most out of their job, both for themselves and for your organization.

Your employees are facing a huge pile of paperwork – thus letters and words – every day. For someone with dyslexia this can be exhausting. Your employee wants to achieve the highest results, but this jungle of letters and words makes it that they have to work much harder and longer than their colleagues in order to do so. People with dyslexia experience more work pressure and stress, with possible exhaustion and absence as a consequence.

About 10% of the population copes with dyslexia – meaning 1 out of 10 employees. Some employees are aware of this extra challenge, whereas for others their dyslexia has never been acknowledged. Unfortunately, most of the time dyslexia is seen only as a disadvantage, not as possible advantage. Offer your employees the chance and tools they need to benefit from the positive side of dyslexia- their creativity for example. Personal achievements improve, just like the work spirit and self esteem, and so will the overall business results.

We offer some innovative solutions that will make the digital work world much more accessible for employees with dyslexia. Convert files into the Dyslexie font and make reading email and reports much easier. Use our handy Chrome Extension, to adjust website in different ways to improve the readability. Would you like to serve your clients even better? Make your website available in Dyslexie font and start reaching a broader audience with your printed media.

Reach a bigger audience

As a writer you would like to reach a broad audience. However, many people would never think about picking up your book due to their dyslexia. Make ‘enjoying a book’ also an option for people with dyslexia; publish your books in Dyslexie font.

You try to reach the biggest, broadest and most diverse audience as possible, but there is one huge group that will continue to avoid bookshops regardless. An estimated 10% of the population is dealing with dyslexia, a huge group of potential readers that is waiting for your book to be published in Dyslexie font. Let people with dyslexia also enrich their lives with a good book!

Publish on- and offline

Order the Dyslexie font for your publications and use it both for hard copies as for digital publications. In addition, we can also offer you some advice concerning a suitable layout and your books will be displayed prominently on our online book platform (which is under construction currently).

Reach and enrich a broader audience

During a day we  are continuously reading – aware or unaware. We are constantly surrounded by letters and words.  They offer us the possibility to play with words and tell stories. Unfortunately people with dyslexia feel more limited than enriched by letters. Let everybody enjoy the endless possibilities letters have to offer; use Dyslexie font.

We keep on being amazed about the countless platforms, services and products that have embraced Dyslexie font with enthusiasm. Dyslexie font can e.g. been seen as magnets on a climbing wall, as direction indicators at a university campus, user guides, on the playground, in toys, puzzles and games.  

On a regular basis we get requests from:

  • Educational platforms
  • Software and App developers
  • Educational articles and learning tools
  • Training and (typing)courses
  • Charities and social initiatives

Do you produce or offer a product or service in which letters are also playing a key role? Reach and enrich a broader audience, we are happy to tell you how you can use Dyslexie font. Request more information.

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