Install Dyslexie Font on a Windows Computer

The installation is quite simple, but we will guide you in a few steps towards the installation.

If you prefer video instruction, please check out this video:

We kindly ask you to download the font files on your computer. The font files can be downloaded in the Customer portal provide to you when your payment was correctly completed.

Please follow the steps below to start downloading the font files.

1. Go to
2. Username = your email address
3. Password - if you lost it you can restore it
4. Click on Dyslexie font on the left menu
5. Download the 4 font files

Go to the folder where you have saved the font files on your computer. 

If you double click on one of the files, you will find an install button on the left top corner.

Click on the install button, and this font file is being installed. See the picture below.
Install font

PS, if for some reason you aren't able to install the files, please make sure you have administration rights for your computer. 

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Image - Install Dyslexie Font on a Windows Computer