Set Dyslexie font by default in Word

Would you like to start working with the Dyslexie font in all cases, you can set it as the default font in Word by taking the following steps.

1. Open a new Word document

2. If you are in Word, make sure you are at the HOME tab

3. Below the standard font settings, you will see a very small icon  -> click on it
Alternatively, you can press the key combination CTR + D

4. The font menu will now open. Make sure you select the font of your preference, the size, and if you like the color. we recommend using color number 004F9F

5. Make sure you press Set As Default

6. You are done. The next time you open up a new Word document, you can start typing straight away in the font settings you have set.

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Image - Set Dyslexie font by default in Word