Busines, can I buy a single user license

Yes and No

Dyslexie Font files - NO
No, we currently do not offer a single user license on the website for the font files. 

Currently, we provide only a lifetime (perpetual) font files license for Businesses. The license is based on the total size of employees. Please take into consideration that we do understand not all of your employees will be benefitting from the font. 

We have taken this approach as there are in most countries laws in place where you as an employer aren't able to ask your employees if they have a challenge because of Dyslexia.  

With this in mind, an employer makes the choice to facilitate the Dyslexie font, enterprise-wide. Like this, all Employees are able to work with the font. All computers connected to the network can be deployed with the font files.

Dyslexia Office - YES
The Dyslexia Office can be purchased on a single-user license base. You can select 1 or more users based on your needs. With this option, you will not deploy the Office Suite solution to all of your employers, but only to those who need it.

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