Why should I pay for font?

Dyslexie font has had a period where we provided the font files for free. Christian Boer, creator of the font, dyslexic himself had the dream that everybody would be able to use the font regardless of the financial background of a user. We have tried it for 3 years, but we came to the conclusion that unfortunately, we weren't financially able to continue providing it for free. 

Dyslexie font has not big investing companies with endless financial pockets behind it as we have seen with Facebook and other startup companies. So to keep innovating the products of dyslexie font and the font itself, we were forced to reinstall a payment wall behind the solution. Currently, you can purchase the font files as a lifetime solution for in our eyes reasonable compensation.

Even though the font is currently not provided for free, we still have the intentions to look into ways to go back to the situation where anybody can get access to the font without the need to pay. As we speak we are looking into ways to get the Dyslexia Office solution available in a very basic form. By basic we mean, not a Video Talk option, and a very limited amount of cloud storage. 

Christian dreams of the day that the use of Dyslexie font won’t be an exception; but that it will be at everyone’s disposal, just like any other font. He hopes to change the negative image – that dyslexia is a shortcoming – and emphasize the positive sides of dyslexia, such as the huge creativity and the capability to think in visual 3D.

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