What currencies can be used?

We provide different currencies. Based on your IP address we will define the currency that will fit the best for you.

But you can always during the registration process change the currency to your needs. 

Please find below the overview of all currencies available for payment:

$ USD € Euro
CAD Canadian Dollar £ GBP Great British Pound
AUD Australian Dollar CHF Swiss Franc
NZD New Zealand Dollar DKK Danish Krone
SGD Singapore Dollar SEK Sweden Krona
MXN Mexican Peso NOK Norwegian Krone
BRL Brazilian Real PLN Polish Zloty
ZAR South African Rand  

If you want to change your currency during the registration process, please follow the next steps:

1. Select Products

2. Email address and Password selection

3. Overview product(s) selection

In step 3 you are able to press the EDIT button next to the Information. Once you have pressed the EDIT button, you can fill in your Name, change your Country and change the Currency. Make sure you fill in your name.

Please see the 2 pictures below. 

That's it, you can now complete the payment with a different currency.

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