What payments options can I use?

We work with Adyen, a payment service provider used by large companies such as Spotify, eBay, Uber, and Booking.com

The main payment options are:
Sepa Direct Debit
many more

Based on the country you are ordering from, the payment options will be displayed on the payment page. As an example, in the USA the main payment options are Credit Card and PayPal. In the Netherlands, we have a system called iDeal. This system does not function in the USA, so it will not be displayed if you are coming from the USA.

Secondly, we have two different products. One is a single payment option, and the other is a monthly subscription.
PayPal can only be used for a single payment option, not for the monthly subscription. 

This is why we use Adyen:
Adyen combines all the pieces of the payments puzzle, including risk assessment.

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