What are the prices for the Dyslexia Office?

The Dyslexia Office is available based on a single user license model. The Dyslexie font files, especially for Education and Businesses are based on the total size of the company or education institution. Please find below the 3 different packages we offer:

1. Basic 
2. Medium
3. Premium

Next to the 3 different packages, we provide different packages per user type. Click on one of the 3 users to get the pricing for each user:

1. Pricing Home User
2. Pricing Education User
3. Pricing Business User

There are a few reasons we have different packages per user type. We assume that for businesses the need for more cloud storage is more important compare to education users. And for education, we have tried to make the service as affordable as possible. By providing less cloud storage the average cost price per user will be lower compared to the business user. 

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