Can I use Dyslexia Office offline?

Yes, you can work locally with OnlyOffice

Dyslexia Office can be used locally as well. With this option, you can continue working if you are offline or working in an Airplane for example.

Install OnlyOffice
To work locally you have to install the OnlyOffice on your computer. If you go to the customer portal and you log in with your credentials, you can click on the left menu link Dyslexia Office. Here you will find the 3 download options for OnlyOffice, based on your device. See the picture below:

Download OnlyOffice
Note: it will work only on Windows, Apple, or Linux computers. 

Dyslexie font TTF files

To work in the Only Office locally on your computer you require the Dyslexie font files to be installed on your computer as well. Without them installed the Local Only Office function just like a regular Office Suite. See the picture below:

OnlyOffice including Dyslexie Font

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