Why do I get Cloud Storage in the Dyslexia Office

The Dyslexia Office is a full cloud-based Office suite Software package, which can be compared to Microsoft Office including a One-Drive option.

With Dyslexia Office you are able to create and edit documents (Word) spreadsheets (Excel) and Presenter (PowerPoint). Once you create a new file, this file is automatically saved on the Dyslexie Office servers.

Uploading existing files to this server is also an option, that allows you to edit an existing file. Editing could be inserted more text or picture, but of course as well to change the font from a regular one to the Dyslexie font.

With this cloud-based Office Suite, you can use the Dyslexie font on any device. 

So the more active you would use the Dyslexie font office, the more cloud storage you would need.

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