Dyslexie font is the typeface for people with dyslexia.

It’s easy to install and use, like any other typeface you use today. You can even select it in your internet browser.

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Who benefits from the Dyslexie font?

Dyslexie font is for everyone with reading problems. The font is used by home users (free), for teaching purposes (education) and by companies, including publishing houses and innovative multinationals such as Google and Pixar. More and more products, including books and apps, are available in the special font for people with dyslexia. User experiences and independent studies show: the Dyslexia font works!

Below are some comments from people on the Dyslexie font

I showed it to a colleague of mine who happens to have dyslexia, and he literally broke down and started crying because he was able to read your info page aloud.

I want very much to thank you. For the first time in my life I read the alphabet as the rest of the world reads it. By the time I got to "w" I was silently crying (much to my families astonishment). While I have managed many wonderful things in my life (including earning a degree in Literature) by "pushing past" my severe dyslexia, your font is the first and only font I do not have to compensate how I see the letters. I want so much to thank you, to hug you, to shout from the rooftops, to tell the world what a life changer this is for so many people in this world with this type of dislexia. Thank you. Thank you so much.

By the way, please let your designers know that Dyslexie is amazing!! Seeing your YouTube clip was like reading for the first time. Your website was even better. I nearly cried. Thank you.



I'm 42 years old and I knew that I always had problems reading and keeping focused without any distractions. However once I saw your font I was completely free. It was like a breath of fresh air that had been let loose. I cannot tell you how much your research has opened my eyes to how I read and other people read.


Thank you for creating this font- I can't tell you how strong the difference was for me in reading the information about it in the Dyslexie font vs. reading in my usual fonts. I noticed it immediately, and felt lighter- like a weight had been lifted that I didn't even know I was carrying.  I didn't have to back-read, or re-read to make sure I was reading correctly.


Hello there, I just saw your font as a friend posted it to me.

Well I just wanted say I was dubious but then I tried to read using it in the examples and wow it worked, I stopped using all the default coping mechanisms that I have developed over my life and when using the font and found that I could scan read, it was almost twice as fast as I usually read and I was like argh I need this font.


I just wanted to say thank you and that this font is AMAZING!!!  I pray Amazon Kindle gets this and Microsoft word does too so I can transfer important document to this so when I read them I don't loose information! THANK YOU SO MUCH! I cannot wait to read a book in this font! I CAN'T WAIT TO ENJOY A BOOK!!!!

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