Dyslexie font is the typeface for people with dyslexia.

Order the font for your publication now and support people with reading problems. In addition to layout advice, you will get space on our web page for available products. This will be a boost for your book or publication!

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The Dyslexie font increases reader accessibility of your newspaper, magazine, book or app. For publishers, the Dyslexie font is already a proven concept. By offering books or other types of media in the Dyslexie font, the door is opened for an entirely new audience. People with dyslexia get less enjoyment from reading books, because reading itself forms an obstacle. The Dyslexie font offers a solution for readers who are currently not being reached.

We are working hard to build a platform where you as a publisher can give your book a prominent place. This will allow people who benefit from our font to find all books printed in the Dyslexie font in one place.

Increase your target of readers

We will make an estimate of the number of copies you may expect to publish in hardcopy, POD, PDF or e-reader format to establish a price. The payment will be done in advance. Should your sales be much higher than you initially estimated, then you can settle the difference afterwards. For app's we charge a fixed amount per year.

If you publish a newspaper, magazine, or would like to offer multiple titles or apps using our font, then we can discuss the best form of collaboration to make your idea a success. Send your request to sales@dyslexiefont.com or call us at +31 20 820 4137!

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