Dyslexie font is the typeface for people with dyslexia.

The Dyslexie font helps you in everyday life. After installation, you can use the font in all the software programs you know. You can also select the font for your internet browser and it is totally free for individual users!

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The Dyslexie font for home use

Dyslexie font is a revolutionary typeface designed to make reading for people with dyslexia and reading problems easier. The font is easy to download and easy to use in all programs and on the internet. The user of the font makes fewer reading errors and reads faster. The font also lowers the resistance against reading.

We want to help everyone. That is the reason why we made the Dyslexie font free for home users.

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Free license for private users

Since June 2014, Dyslexia Font offers the typeface free of charge to all individual users and home users. As it is not financially possible for all private users to purchase the font, we want to offer everyone an equal opportunity to benefit from the font.

We hope that if you want to use the license for business or educational purposes, you will respect our licensing price.