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After installation on your network, all your employees with dyslexia can take advantage of a productivity-increasing typeface. Make your workplace more efficient!

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Increase your productivity!

Dyslexie font is a revolutionary typeface designed to make reading for people with dyslexia and other reading problems easier. Dyslexie font is easy to download and safe to use in all programs, both on your computer(s) and on the internet. Reading will be faster and easier. Also, because the reader wastes less time and energy, the productivity of your employee will get a boost.

After it has been installed, you can use it in all your Office programs. In addition, you can use the font with virtually any program in which fonts can be selected. For instance, you can customize the browser setting so that all websites are displayed automatically in the Dyslexie font. In our price calculation, we take into account that only some of your employees have dyslexia and will benefit from the typeface. Take a look at the price calculator below for the price for your organization.
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The problem of dyslexia is underestimated!

Dyslexia is a reading problem that affects people all over the world. More than 600 million people in the world have dyslexia. For many of them, it is difficult to fully exploit their abilities in our present, text-oriented society. In both the working and the social environment, reading is a huge challenge for people with dyslexia.

A large proportion of people in the labor market with dyslexia is not even aware that they have dyslexia. Often it is because they were not tested for dyslexia in their younger years. Regarding organizations with an international character: in the English-speaking world, it is estimated that up to 20% of the people suffer from dyslexia.

In addition, people with dyslexia have often developed methods to hide their dyslexia. For example, they will ask colleagues to check texts or they will postpone doing their work. The Dyslexie font ensures that people can read texts independently, easily and with fewer (reading) errors. 

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The Dyslexie Regular, Bold, Italic and Bold Italic together with manual that explains how to deploy the typeface on all computers through the server in one go. One license for the whole business.

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Dyslexie font on your site.

Would you also like to offer the visitors of your website the option of reading your entire site in the Dyslexie font? Then order the Web Plugin for school, practice or business! The Web Plugin is maintenance free and is automatically updated for you. With the single click of a button on your home page, your visitors can now read all web texts on your site directly in Dyslexie and they can easily toggle between using the font and turning it off.
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