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Dyslexia Office is thé online office suite for dyslexics and is a fully replaceable software for your current Google Docs or Microsoft Office solution, accessible from almost all devices.




Dyslexia Office offers you a variety of different applications. Have a look at what all the applications can do for you.



The Dyslexia Office is a super-secure cloud-based Office suite. You can work online, by logging in to a browser what makes the Office suite a perfect match for Chromebooks, iPads, iPhone, and regular computers. As long as you have an internet ‘browser’, you can work from anywhere and on any device!


Dyslexia Office is 100% compatible with Microsoft Office formats, which makes Dyslexia Office the best alternative for Microsoft Office.


With Cloud storage, you can backup, save and access your most important documents. Super secure and designed to create an environment where big tech can’t search through your photos or documents.


You can start and stop the subscription at any given moment. If you would reactivate your subscription, you have 3 months to do so, before we have fully deleted all your stored documents. If you stop your license we continue to host your data for 3 months before we completely delete your data on our servers. Like this, you can restore your data if you change your mind.


Get an introduction on what options are available within the Dyslexia Office. Sometimes a video says more than a thousand words.

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"My son and me think it is the biggest breakthrough for dyslexic children"

"I cried when I watched your video. I am 49. This font is the first thing I have ever seen that makes it easier to read. "

"This font makes it so much more easier for my 9 year old son to read and do school work. It brings a mother to tears just knowing his struggles is a little less when this font is available. Thank you."

  • Add to your existing programs
  • Install on your E-Reader
  • Ideal for Network installation
  • One-time payment only

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  • Easily enter the online world
  • Convert hard to read Text
  • Adjust font, -size, -colour
  • Included in the Dyslexia Office

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  • Free to use Dyslexie Office
  • Free to use Chrome Extension
  • For all devices
  • Get started immediately

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