The Designer: Christian Boer

Christian Boer (1981) is a graphic designer and graduate of the Utrecht Art Academy in 2008. He first developed the Dyslexie typeface there as a final thesis project. 

A dyslexic himself, Christian set out to create a font that would make reading a less arduous task. After completion, the revolutionary font immediately caused quite a stir among the dyslexic community and in the international media.

“Find a solution for your own problem and there will be a lot of other people around the world that have the same problem.”

Since winning the prestigious Smart Future Minds Award 2011 in Amsterdam, this media attention has only intensified. Among others, Scientific American, Euronews and Springwise have covered the font, In 2011, Dyslexie font won first prize at the Smart Urban Stage in Amsterdam, as well as being one of the most talked-about presentations at TEDx Dubai.

Dyslexie font was a finalist for the Fast Company Innovate Through Design Award in 2012 and went on to many highlights in 2013, including a nomination for the INDEX Award of Copenhagen and the first prize in the Rabobank New Generation Pitch

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Christian Boer

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