Representative research among many dyslectics has shown that the Dyslexie font actually helps them with reading texts faster and with fewer errors.
The experiences of both children and adults are examined when they use the Dyslexie font. The questions were not only given to adults and children who use the font itself, but also to parents, teachers and remedial teachers who work with the font.

The outcome among children using the font learned that they experience reading in the Dyslexie font as very positive. More than three quarters of the children made ​​fewer errors while reading when they got a text in the  Dyslexie font.
The children said that they could read faster. Something that is also confirmed by more than three quarters of the parents.

Above mentioned results are also reflected in the response of adults. They also indicate that reading is a more pleasant experience because they could read faster and with fewer errors.

Below an overall summary of the research in figures.
Dyslexie font research graph

in the 2015 the French University did research with a eye tracker on the Dyslexie font. (A eye tracker is a device that tracks you movements of your eyes and focus points.) People with dyslexia have a pattern that they go back and forward to understand what they read. In this research you can see that they get more a regular reading patern with the Dyslexie font.

2015 University of Lill you can downlaod the research here.

In 2010 the positive results of the Dyslexie font were substantiated by the University of Twente, as well as in two studies in 2013 by the University of Amsterdam. 
For a full report of the results and researches, click here .

 Twente universiteit Dyslexie Font
2010 Universiteit of Twente - click here

2012 Survey research on elementary schools and home users - click here

Amsterdam Universiteit Dyslexie 

2013 Universiteit of Amsterdam - click here

 Universiteit Dyslexie  
2013 Universiteit of Twente - click here

Sample text

Sample 1

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