Dyslexia literally means an inability to read. Children and adults with dyslexia have to put more energy and effort into reading and are more easily distracted than the average reader. Dyslexia occurs in people with above average intelligence as well as in people with average intelligence. Dyslexia is often diagnosed if no other causes for reading and writing problems can be identified.

37 symptoms of dyslexia

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Dyslexia in children is often detected when they have to read out loud. The child may read faster or slower. When children read fast, they tend to make many mistakes. This is because the child often guesses the word instead of actually reading it. When children read slowly, they are spelling the words. This impedes the proper expression of the word. Typically there is also a combination of the two reading speeds.

In addition to reading, children and adults with dyslexia can have difficulty writing. Spelling errors are made more often and especially children need a lot of support in learning the different spelling rules. Other writing difficulties which can be related to dyslexia are:
- An illegible handwriting
- A slow writing temp


Research has shown that heredity can play a role in the development of dyslexia. When one of the parents is dyslexic, the probability of the child being predisposed to it is 50%. When both parents are dyslexic, the probability increases to 80%.

How Dyslexie Font can help

Dyslexie Font has developed a unique font which improves the life of people with dyslexia. Heavy baselines, varying ascending/descender lengths and semi-italics, among others, assures that the Dyslexia Font offers optimal reading comfort. Judging from the advice on the various national Dyslexia information websites, children with dyslexia need extra practice to reach a minimum reading level. Click here for additional information about the dyslexia font.
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