There is no question that reading is the key to a better future. At Dyslexie font we believe this should be possible for people with dyslexia as well. The innovative font was designed by the founder of Dyslexie font, Christian Boer. Christian has dyslexia and his story forms the foundation of our mission. Though current technology can shape the scale of possibilities, the team here diligently drives the organization to greater heights. In order to obtain a better future, our efforts are centered around making reading easier and fun!

Every child and adult should be able to realize their reading potential. By dedicating our resources towards awareness and considering different and complex studies on Dyslexia, we’re always evolving to make the user-friendly font accessible in today's digital and print landscape. 

Meet the Team

Dyslexia font Team

From a Graduate Project to a Life Mission

As long as he can remember Christian Boer has been challenged by dyslexia. For his graduation project in Graphic Design at the University of Arts Utrecht, it became his mission to focus and improve how he and people with dyslexia could read.

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Challenged by dyslexia became his life mission


For several years now, Christian has been taking his message to the international public. After winning 1st prize at the Urban Stage Awards in Holland. In 2015 he went on to present his mission at TEDx in New York as well as various platforms including the Guardian and BBC.

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Award winning Dyslexia Font in the Media


Who doesn’t love media attention and awards, but they pale in comparison to the one opinion that matters... Yours! The feedback we’ve received at Dyslexie font has driven our innovation to a more user-friendly font. It is our biggest motivation and we’re grateful for your feedback.

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The effects of Dyslexie font has been widely studied by the international dyslexia community indicating positively that people effected by dyslexia read better with the font.

For us, research leads to better insights and progress. Therefore, we continue to embrace these studies about dyslexia and our font. Read more about the research and check the results for yourself.

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Research Dyslexia Font


To design the typeface, all typography rules and standards were ignored. Instead, all the challenges of dyslexia are taken as a starting point. The result? A unique typeface that enables everybody to reach their full potential. Are you curious about the designer and his story?

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Tools are essential and offer various solutions, however sustainable progress starts with knowledge, understanding, and recognition. We work hard to increase awareness of dyslexia and to spread the knowledge – also in areas where dyslexia is relatively unknown. We like to approach things with a positive twist and would, therefore, like to emphasis the upside of dyslexia; a side that we would love to help you discover.

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