Dyslexie font clears the way through the letter jungle.

Dyslexie font is a unique font developed and designed for people with dyslexia to make reading, learning and working easier – and more fun. With innovative products we clear the way through the digital letter landscape, making it accessible for everyone. See for yourself! 


In order to design and develop the font, all typography rules were ignored. Instead, improved readability and challenges of dyslexia formed the guidelines during the design process. The result? A revolutionary font that, due to the uniquely shaped characters, enables everybody to reach their full potential.

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After designing the unique Dyslexie font we’ve kept on developing and moving forward – and we are planning to keep on doing so. With a Text Editor, Chrome Extension and loads of other tools, everybody can use Dyslexie font anytime and anywhere. Curious about our products?

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Graphic designer Christian Boer has dyslexia himself and developed the Dyslexie font as his university graduation project. From that moment on a lot has happened. Take a look at the world of dyslexia and Dyslexie font.

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Tools are essential and offer various solutions, however sustainable progress starts with knowledge, understanding and recognition. We work hard to increase the awareness of dyslexia and to spread knowledge – as well as in areas where dyslexia is relatively unknown. We like to approach dyslexia with a positive twist and therefore emphasize the upside of dyslexia; a side that we would love to help you discover. 
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