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Home use

Dyslexie Regular
Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP
& Mac OSX


Dyslexie Regular/Bold/
Italic/Italic Bold
Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP
& Mac OSX
from € 89,-


Dyslexie Regular/Bold/
Italic/Italic Bold
Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP
& Mac OSX
from € 99,-

Dyslexie font family

  • Dyslexie Regular
  • Dyslexie Bold
  • Dyslexie Italic
  • Dyslexie Bold Italic


Our clients

dyslexie font client dyslexie font clients dyslexie clients dyslexie clients

"I’ve never been able to read as fast and as
clearly as I now can, with Dyslexie."
Hans Zeilstra

"What a difference a change of font makes!
I never would have dreamt the improvement would be this dramatic."
Timmy van Waveren

"Long swathes of text are no longer
intimidating to me, thanks to Dyslexie."
David Edmund

"A real breath of fresh air. Scrambling
letters around hardly seems to happen anymore."
Carlton Littlefield

Easy install

The Dyslexie Font is really easy to install, but if you want to get everything out of the Dyslexie font please see our support page with tips and tricks.

Do you want sample to show to people you can download text in the Dyslexie font from our site.

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Christian Boer (1981) is a graphic designer and graduate of the Utrecht Art Academy. He first developed the Dyslexie typeface there as a final thesis project. A dyslexic himself, Christian set out to create a font that would make reading a less arduous task. After completion, the revolutionary font immediately caused quite a stir among the dyslexic community and in the international media.

Awards & presentations

Won first price at the Smart Urban Stage


Finalist on INDEX:
“Design To Improve Life”


Won a finalist award at the Fast Company
“Innovation By Design”

New York

First price at Rabobank
“New Generation Pitch”


Presentation on TEDxDubai


Presentation on Pecha Kucha


In the media

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